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Korean Quarterly is a non-profit/volunteer publication that provides independent and alternative reporting on issues of identity, racism, politics and the arts and is a forum for the ideas and creativity of the whole Korean American community.  From the Twin Cities to Chicago, LA, NYC, Europe, Pyongyang and Seoul, Korean Quarterly’s readers are members of the Korean American community, including adopted Koreans, 1.5 and second generation, bi-racial and intercultural/interracial Korean American families.  It also attracts many non-Korean readers, including parents and relatives of adopted Koreans, other Asian Americans, and people who have an interest in Korean culture and history, the Korean American community or racial and ethnic identity issues of minority populations in America. 

Who We Are

Korean Quarterly is a non-profit quarterly newspaper, written by and about the Korean American community of the Twin Cities and upper Midwest. We define this community to include first and second generation Korean Americans and their families (including non-Korean family members), adopted Koreans and their families, and bi-racial/bi-cultural Korean American people.

The Korean Quarterly staff, contributors, and advisory board consist of first, 1.5 and second generation Korean Americans, adult adopted Koreans and adoptive parents of younger adopted Koreans.

Korean Quarterly - Why?
We have a diverse Korean community in the Twin Cities and the upper Midwest. We come from two cultures, several religions, and various family backgrounds. But we have much in common. We treasure that part of us that identifies with Korea and its people. We all want information related to Korean American people and their accomplishments, and we want to be kept informed of the cultural, social and civic events of the metro area Korean community. We want to communicate with each other.

What We Offer
Korean Quarterly offers a timely quarterly newspaper in a lively feature format. We profile community leaders, role models, report significant events, and chronicle the accomplishments of our community's ordinary people, both big and small. We list all Korean religious, social, cultural and civic events of interest to the community, including events of interest to adoptees and their families. We also seek out advertisers within the Korean business community, and offer Korean organizations a place to publicize their news and information.


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About Us

KQ Staff and
Contributing Writers

Stephen Wunrow

Managing Editor
Martha Vickery

Staff Writers
Bill Drucker, Amber Dorko Stopper, Insung Oh

Stephen Wunrow

Stephen Wunrow,
Kim Nam II Jackosn

Andrea Lee

Copy Editors
Joan Campbell, Eileen Deicher, Ann Holzman, Andrea Lee, Jane Lee, Phil Lee, Jeff Olsen, Peggy Olsen, Shirley Sailors

Insung Oh, Stephen Wunrow

KQ Board

Jennifer Arndt-Johns
Andrea Lee
Han Lee
Phillip Lee
Ami Nafzger
Yoonju Park