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Korean Quarterly is a non-profit/volunteer publication that provides independent and alternative reporting on issues of identity, racism, politics and the arts and is a forum for the ideas and creativity of the whole Korean American community.  From the Twin Cities to Chicago, LA, NYC, Europe, Pyongyang and Seoul, Korean Quarterly’s readers are members of the Korean American community, including adopted Koreans, 1.5 and second generation, bi-racial and intercultural/interracial Korean American families.  It also attracts many non-Korean readers, including parents and relatives of adopted Koreans, other Asian Americans, and people who have an interest in Korean culture and history, the Korean American community or racial and ethnic identity issues of minority populations in America. 

Korean Quarterly is a Decade Old!

1997 - 2007

Tenth Anniversary Montage | 4:26
Chapter 4: Events Near and Far
Chapter 5: Behind the Scenes

Tenth Anniversary Montage | 5:52
Chapter 6: Ten Years of Excellence

Tenth Anniversary Montage | 5:53
Chapter 1: Contributors
Chapter 2: People Featured in KQ
Chapter 3: Musicians Featured in KQ

Tenth Anniversary Event Montage | 8:18
October 27, 2007 - Augsberg College

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